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This book is dedicated to the memory of my parents John and Maggie Powell. Their love, devotion to family and life lessons are constant reminders to me every day.
I give thanks for the love and support of my family. I am fortunate to have the greatest brothers and sister in the world, Rick, Bob, Monroe, and Andy. You have always been kings in my life. I have never not met a woman more resourceful, enterprising, generous and just simply nice as my sister Mable Powell Sumter.

To my sons Kendal and Jeremy,
With God in your hearts and soul and always striving for excellence in your life endeavors, you too can be destined 'most like to succeed'.

To Margaret
Thirty-seven years ago, you succeeded in making my life more rewarding, more meaningful, extremely full of joy and you gave me a purpose for living. For that, I will be eternally grateful. 

In addition, I dedicate this book to others who are no longer here but played an important part in my life and development. They are, John Powell, Jr. Theodore "Sunny" Johnson, Ernest Sage, Mary Ponds, David Scott, Ralph Alford, Cassandra Jose, Ruby Kemp, Algernon Johnson and a very special young man, Kevin Shiflet.

Otis McDaniel- If you are able to call this man your friend, you have all the riches this world can offer. You are a true friend. This book would not have been done without your help and support.
Annie Clowers- The world'a greatest English teacher and my first editor.
My Wall Street buddies- All of you are a best- kept secret. You are the trailblazers who made your mark at a time when it was very difficult. I salute you George Patrick, Milton Brown, Ralph Wright, Don Washington, Roland Wyatt and Bill Franklin.
My life-long friends with whom I have shared great joy, good times and love for each other. Don Tyler, Joe Grayman, Richard Furel, Don Washington, Frank Shiflet and Bernard White.
To great ladies, Meredith, Olive, Peggy, Curtese, Barbara, Betty, Karen, Dotty, Beactrice, Verdel, Sarah, Sharon, Arlena, Evelyn, Bernice and Priscilla.
To Rev. Dr. Michael N. Harris
To the finest doctors I have coughed for, Dr. James K. Bennett and Dr. William R. Osborne.
To Roland and Lillie Wheatle; Rainmakers, who have touched the lives and hearts of many and will be my true friends forever.
A special note of gratitude goes to my friend Gary Riley. He is the most talented geek, computer geru and one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thanks Gary for keeping my computer running and the manuscript for this book safe from hard drive hell.

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